Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Prepare Yourself for the Perfect Interview

How should you act in an interview? Yes, the gruesome interview which decides your future for setting into a right company. No matter how many times you have been interviewed, the next interview always causes some trepidation. Such an event is really a "sales pitch," the product is yourself, and you may almost feel as if you are on trial as the interviewer "cross-examines" you about your suitability for the job.

There is something that you should remember while you are sitting and going for an interview. Study the points to brush up your skills.

-    Remember to do your homework. Gathering information about a potential employer is actually very essential in preparing for a successful job interview. Find out all that you can about the company's image, history, and plans for the future in order to make the experience more effective and interactive. Visit the organization's website on the Internet, and do some other research online as well.

-    Be on time for your appointment and dress appropriately. Arrive 10 or 15 minutes ahead of time, bring a list of your references and extra copies of your resume, and try to establish rapport with the interviewer, especially by making eye contact.

-    Rehearse for your interview as if it were a dress rehearsal. Prepare relevant questions, practice with a family member or friend, and videotape or record the session. When you replay the mock interview, you can evaluate your performance and fine-tune your responses so that the real thing will be truly effective.

-    As the interview progresses, make every effort to remain calm, and ask for clarification, if and when you need it, in order to determine if you really want the job. Also, do not respond so hastily to the interviewer's questions that your answers seem incomplete or not well thought out.

-    At the end, reaffirm your interest in the job, thank the interviewer for seeing you, and follow up later with a personal note to restate both sentiments.

If you brush on these points, it would be very easy for you to crack the interview.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Brush Up on Your Leadership Skills

If you are seeking out a job, there are many attributes of your personality that will be noticed by the employers who are taking your interview. One of such attributes is Leadership. So if you are sitting for a job interview, it’s very important that you brush up on your leadership skills during your college time so that it reflects during your career.

Let us go through the three famous trends that one must have to become a leader and lead other people for more productivity. The two trends are:

Technology adaptation - maybe you are a reluctant late adapter to social media, perhaps you have resisted the new tech updates, or you may be struggling to work with a leader or classmate who is not up to speed on the technology needed to do their jobs. Wherever you are in your technology adaptation we cannot deny or ignore the fact that technology is continuing to shift the way we do business, how we do our jobs and how we work together.

Innovation - Leaders and companies who are innovators have the highest amount of creativity, energy and desire to learn and grow. Innovation means putting things together in ways that haven't been thought of before. Google goggles is a great example of putting together goggles with blue tooth and being able to interact with your smart phone through your goggles. This innovation makes it easy to update social media, connect with people, and get directions, share experiences and more.

So when you start working on these trends you come in a position to win your leadership skills that would help you to win a favorable position in your career.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Body Tricks Worth Knowing

Human body is the combination of nerves which makes our parts inter connected to each other. There are thousands of body tricks that will amaze you, here we are sharing some.

Scratch ear for throat tickle: When there is tickle in your throat try to scratch your ear because it produces vibration. It stimulates the nerves and creates reflex in throat that causes muscle spasm.

Focused hearing: If you are at a point where because of unwanted sounds you cannot hear speeches then lean in with your right ear. It is more responsive to words whereas if you want to identify soft music then left ear will help you identify more.

Fight your fear of injections:
A study conducted by German researchers says that if you cough during an injection then you feel no pain. It creates stress and pressure in chest and spinal canal which makes you reluctant to pain.

Cure toothache: If you suffer from tooth ache then rub ice on the back of your hand at the V shaped area between your thumb and index finger. It will reduce your pain up to 50%. This nerve pathway blocks the stimulation of pain of your face and hands.

Control that anxiety: Most of us when get anxious cannot control those weird feelings. If you control the heart then half of the battle is already won. So, try to blow on your thumb or hold your breath for some time. It will control your heart beats.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Things worth knowing

Consider the source: When you get to know that someone does not like you then the first thing should be to ask yourself whether you really deserve it. Its ok, if someone hates you, after all you cannot make everyone happy.

Get off the couch: If you need to achieve something which wants you to play hard then it’s not a time to think over it sitting on your couch. Take an action and make the ball get in your court.

Stay quiet when in doubt: It is not important to speak every time when someone talks about a certain topic. If you don’t know about it, try to be a good listener instead of talking unacceptable. A good listener always turns out to be a good speaker.

Don’t complain: Most of us have this habit but we should not. You either like the situation or you don’t, complaining never gives you what you are targeting at. At this phase you need to think beyond and act to make things right instead of cribbing.

Be polite: Politeness can others do anything for you. Never lose your temper on anyone because everyone is self obsessed and respect is what they need. So, respect people and talk politely. It also makes good relations.

Keep it within: Never share your problems and feeling to everyone around you. At times it is good to be a mystery. If you become an open book at the time you meet someone then the person might not be keen to know you more.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Integrated B.Tech/M.Tech Programs Offer a Promising Future!

Engineering has been a highly preferred and popular choice of profession since time immemorial. Well qualified and certified engineers indeed have a very high demand amongst established Multinationals and renowned corporate companies. There are many courses in engineering that are offered by various colleges and training institutes. However, integrated programs for B.Tech and M.Tech have recently gained much recognition across the globe. Not only does this 5-year long curriculum saves one important year of the student but also open up several doors for suitable placement opportunities.

The integrated study programs for engineers add further value of more experience and exposure to the basic understating and professional training acquired in graduation. Such extensively trained competent professionals are constantly required by the reputed organizations across the globe. Post graduate engineers are highly preferred by many firms. Moreover, with this program you can reap abundant benefits with low investment. Saving you both time and money, an integrated B.Tech-M.Tech program can get you high salary packages with your desired company! Here, five years of dedicated effort can give you a safe and secure future. Since there is no gap, there is also no unnecessary burden of giving entrance examinations for acquiring higher level qualification.

MVN University offers an industry relevant integrated curriculum for B.Tech and M.Tech courses. The focus here is to foster future-ready professionals with relevant training and education. Along with a robust infrastructure and enriching study procedures the University is fully equipped to nurture competent engineers of tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Learn How to Start a Good Conversation

Human is a social animal and needs someone to interact. A good conversation can offer happy relations with others. Hence, it is important to talk people or to make them talk to have a better social life. But most of the times the biggest problem is finding out a good conversation point where one can start conversation. Here is the list of open ended questions that will help you break the ice.

1)    While talking to a friend after a long time try to know about his life or daily routine, you might start with asking about his professional life or about a common friend.

2)    If you are stuck at a situation where you don’t have anything to tell then try to evolve questions where you think a person is interested more. Talking about people’s interest will definitely give you open space to ask around and have a healthy conversation.

3)    In order to start conversation with a girl, try to ask questions where she is open to offer you her opinions. It is going to be helpful as she will talk more and you can then take it to another level.

4)    Talking to you family members need lots of relatable questions as you cannot beat around the bush. Try to ask about any relatives’ lives, nearby cousins wedding, your future plans, etc.

5)    At times it is also good to ask questions that has humor. Funny things are always the best way to express what you have and to involve people in your talks.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Self Help is the best Help with Self-confidence

Boost your self confidence for a better future which will actually help you to deal with whatever life is throwing directly in your way. You don’t actually avoid people or the situations that you are challenged with, instead you step up to it and accept the risks and set your goals. Here are some tips building your self confidence.

•    Change Your Language

Treat yourself with respect and kindness. Do not criticize your body, hair, abilities or put yourself down in any way. When thinking or talking about your goals, use positive language, such as "I will be successful" or "It will work out for the best." If you are in a difficult situation, recognize and believe that everything is temporary and nothing is permanent. Whenever possible, step away from the situation and ask yourself if it will matter in 10 years time. As you change your perspective, you become more flexible and open to positive change.

•    Show Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal. Each day write down at least three positive events or circumstances for which you are grateful. At first, it may be difficult, but if you continue this practice, you may find the list becomes longer each day. Also, as you focus on the positive aspects of your life, you begin to pay less attention to the negative aspects.

•    Seek Supportive People

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Find role models who have already achieved the goals you seek. These people can provide advice, comfort and reassurance as you implement your goals. When you associate with successful people, you think more positively and feel inspired to act decisively. Limit your dealings with negative people who belittle or dismiss your goals.

•    Increase Competence

Do not limit yourself to activities that you have already mastered. Get out of your comfort zone and set new goals. Break down those goals into more manageable ones and take a few baby steps. For example, if you want to run a marathon, start by joining a running club. Set an initial goal of entering a 5K run in a few months time. As you take action, your fear and doubts begin to diminish and your self-confidence increases.

•    Watch Your Appearance

Pay attention to personal grooming and body language. Wear clothes that enhance your strong points and distract attention from less flattering parts. Watch your posture whenever sitting or standing. Do not slump in a chair or walk with your head down. When you stand tall, you look more attractive and feel more confident.